No hay excusas para dejar de practicar deporte


Aquí te dejamos una serie de ejercicios para practicar desde tu salón. ¡Anímate! #quédateencasa

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New Year's resolution


If your goal is to maintain a healthy lifestyle and a consistent training routine over an extended period of time, this post is for you!

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Tips to keep in shape over Christmas


Hands up if you struggle to keep up your fitness routine at Christmas. In today's blog we will give you a few tips on how not to lose the figure that you have worked so hard to achieve when the holiday season is here.

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Discover the Tramuntana Mountain Range, UNESCO World Heritage Site


If you are asking yourself… What can I see at the Tramuntana Mountain Range? What are its attractions? Don't miss this post!

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How to plan an efficient training routine


Do you want to get fit but lack motivation?

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How to improve your sporting performance


Discover the key factors that will help increase and improve your performance.

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Ten protein rich shakes and smoothies that will give you an energy boost


In this article we are going to tell you how to prepare healthy shakes and smoothies with plenty of nutrients to help your body recover after a training session.

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